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What to expect from Broad Street Gap Direct

Welcome to Broad Street GAP Direct a new method of reaching out to Recreational Vehicle, Power Sports, and Marine sales industries. Broad Street GAP Direct is a subsidiary of Wildfire Aftermarket Services, LLC, which will act as our administrator

Experience Counts

Oh yesan important point, our GAP Lottery. Every quarter we will select two GAP buyers who will receive a check from GAP direct to be delivered by you the selling dealer. It will be for the total cost of their GAP purchase. Tell your customers and watch GAP production rise. Everyone loves a chance to be a winner!!


Broad Street GAP direct falls under the umbrella of Wildfire Aftermarket Services, LLC. This website has been designed to allow you to review what Broad Street GAP has to offer to you and your dealership and to let you choose from our menu those items that interest you and the order you decide.


Broad Street Direct main goal is to find enough information for your dealership to decide if we are right for you. It’s a New Year in 2023 and spring is in the area with families and friends taking to the road for camping and vacation destinations. The perfect time is NOW for changes and for dealers to pursue new concepts for GAP sales. Remember, your bottom line is important to us, and lowering the price you pay for GAP is our primary concern.

Professional employees and a Courteous Staff

Graham Scott Flowers

Marketing and Advertising/Office Administration:
Wildfire Aftermarket Services, LLC and Broad Street GAP Direct

Mr. Flowers is a 1991 graduate of Troy University with a B.S. in Journalism and Public Relations. He has over 20 years of professional experience in Journalism, Marketing, and Advertising. He has served the City of Eufaula as its Recreational Athletic Coordinator from 2015-2022. Mr. Flowers was also a Marketing Coordinator for QST Publications in Enterprise, Alabama for over 10 years winning various awards for his expertise and knowledge of the marketing and newspaper industry. He has also worked and teamed with other professionals in the Journalism industry in Dothan and Troy, Alabama. Mr. Flowers joined Wildfire Aftermarket Services, LLC in November 2022. With his background in recreation and interest in camping and fishing, he understands the RV, Marine, and Power Sports industry.

Other employees of Wildfire Aftermarket Services and Broad Street GAP Direct:

Jere Maudsley

Owner, Wildfire Aftermarket Services, LLC

Tianne Ugalde

Office Administrator

Kamala Warren

Office Administration with 12-plus years of experience with GAP

All of our employees can be reached at Wildfire Aftermarket Services M-F from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CST) at